"A strong Arizona is vital to our democracy. The issues that we face as Arizonans are reflective of our country as a whole."



Equal access to quality, funded education is essential for all Arizona children, as are educational opportunities outside of traditional college, so that students stay engaged in learning past the twelfth grade. I see an Arizona where young people can pursue both college and alternative career preparation programs, including apprenticeships that will help create a skilled workforce and one that's ready for the future.


We need to be more aggressive in water management resources, investing in clean, renewable energy, creating jobs, and a sustainable environment.  Phoenix continues to rank as one of the worst cities for air quality. Our more rural communities are not much better. There is much we can accomplish at the state level to improve the air and water quality and the quality of life for everyone.

Covid-19 and Healthcare

We need to prioritize healthcare policy here in Arizona. The pandemic has taken a human toll on our state. The state administration has failed to implement a coherent strategy and uses funds as a political football. I will continue to work for vital support for Arizona’s recovery and make healthcare accessible to all.

Protecting Our Community

An old basque saying goes “a thread usually breaks from where it is thinnest.” For the fabric of our community to stay strong, we must protect and care for our most vulnerable. Eliminating predatory scam/spam calls, eliminating barriers to access services, making sure more guardrails are in place to support those in the most need of community.

Voting Rights

Every eligible voter has the right to have their voice heard in free and fair elections. Efforts to prevent citizens from voting must be uncovered and stopped. We must protect the right to accessible voting opportunities for every eligible voter.

Women's Rights

Women should be able to make their own healthcare and family planning decisions without government intervention or restrictions. I also fully support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.


We must maintain and expand services and programs for veterans here in Arizona. They deserve expanded access to quality healthcare, affordable housing, and civilian employment. Veterans are confronted with a difficult transition back into civilian life and they suffer an unacceptable amount of homelessness and high suicide rates.

Gun safety

Our 2nd amendment rights are not diminished if we enact safer gun laws to protect our families and our community. We can and should do both. The threat to our children in school is unacceptable. We can work towards a time when 'lockdown drills' in schools are a thing of the past.

Fiscal Responsibility

We need to focus our priorities on creating a stronger economy while being smart with our budget. Fighting government corruption and fraud requires examining corporation tax credits, loopholes and wasteful spending.


We need to restore and protect the civil rights of our communities of color, women, LGBTQ, and individuals with disabilities.

JObs and Economy

Unions helped build our middle class and I stand with workers for fair wages and safe working conditions. We need to support workforce development programs, small business owners, and work to create more clean energy jobs.


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