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Voter Info

* INDEPENDENT and NO PARTY Voters can request a Democrat Primary Ballot starting MAY 1, 2022

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, July 30, 2024

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024

For voter registration, updates and assistance, please contact the Maricopa County Recorder at 602-506-1511

Why should you vote early?

  • Maricopa County Recorder's Office will send you a text or email verifying the obtainment of your ballot.
  • Allows your favorite candidates and their volunteers, to focus on capturing the votes of those who still have not voted.
  • After you vote, campaigns will take your phone number off their lists so the phone calls stop.
  • You will be sure your vote counts if you vote early. Sometimes things happen on Election Day that can be a barrier to you, so please do not wait. We need your voice and your vote.  

How To Be Ballot-Ready

You can get your own PERSONAL VOTING DASHBOARD. See info like: Where to vote? What's the status of your ballot? Did they send it yet? Am I on the PEVL? Click Here to see your information.  

When you register or update your voter registration,  please be sure to check the box to get a MAIL-IN BALLOT! Then your ballot will come to you! And fear not, when it comes time, no stamp is necessary to send your ballot through the mail!

DO NOT PUT A STAMP ON YOUR BALLOT. The Maricopa County Recorder has informed voters at public meetings that a stamp can slow-down processing of your ballot by the US Postal Service. Just mail your ballot and let the pre-printed postage on the ballot do its job.

Don't forget to check "YES, I want to automatically receive an early ballot for each election."

To Update or Register To Vote

Update/Register to Vote WITH a driver's license. Click Here.

With a driver's license you can register/update ONLINE through Service Arizona!

Update/Register to Vote WITHOUT a driver's license. Click Here.

Without a driver's license, you can register/update by MAIL. You will need a stamp to mail in voter registration forms. Print off the forms (CLICK HERE) and mail to:

Maricopa County Elections

111 S. 3rd Ave, Phoenix AZ 85003-2212.

You will also need to include a proof of citizenship document. Acceptable documents are listed on page 4 of the voter registration forms.

*Note on Updating Voter Registration:

Update if you have a CHANGE OF ADDRESS!

Note on Party Preference

When you update your voter registration, but you do not indicate a "party preference" then the system will assume you are "no party preference" even if you have previously indicated a party preference. You might want the system to assume, "do not change my party preference," but it will reset to a default of no party preference. So be sure to re-enter the PARTY you prefer when you update your voter registration.

It's probably a good idea to just go ahead and update every field.    

LD12 includes Ahwatukee (Phoenix), West Chandler, South Tempe and the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) in Arizona. It is entirely within the boundaries of Maricopa County.

For each election, please be on the PEVL, and return your ballot within the first week after you get it in the mail.  

How do I get a Mail-In Ballot?  

Request a Mail-In Ballot from the Maricopa County Recorder's office.
Update/register to be on the permanent early voter list (PEVL) NOW while you still have plenty of time! In Arizona the "Permanent Early Voter List"  means people who get a mail-in ballot mailed to them for every election. You sign up to be on the PEVL when you register to vote.

WITH A DRIVER'S LICENSE you can just fill in the blanks on the online form at the following link. Click Here.

WITHOUT A DRIVER'S LICENSE, print off a PEVL form (Click Here) and mail (stamp necessary) to:

Maricopa County Elections Department - 510 S 3rd Ave  Phoenix AZ 85003-2422

Election Calendar:

Click Here for deadlines to register and more.

Where Do I Vote?

Make your plan to vote, and talk to your friends about their voting plan.

Saturday, Nov 5, 2022 from 8 AM to 5 PM:

Mesa Recorder's Office - 222 E Javelina Mesa, AZ,

Monday, Nov 7, 2022 8 AM to 5 PM:  

Ballot Drop Off at Tempe City Hall - 31 E. 5th St. Tempe, AZ,

Mesa Recorder's Office - 222 E Javelina Mesa, AZ,

You may drop off your mail-in ballot Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM at Tempe City Hall

State Primary Election- July 30, 2024:

Registration Deadlines:

By Mail: Tuesday, July 23, 2024 (postmarked)

In Person: Tuesday, July 26, 2024

Online to Register: Tuesday, July 1, 2024 Get Registered!

Election Day- Nov 5, 2024:    

Find Your Voting Center

Click Here

To use a voting center, as a voter registered in Maricopa County, you can go to any voting center in Maricopa County and they will print a ballot specifically for you, with your legislative district, school district, etc.

If you live in LD12, this voting center might be near you:

Tempe History Museum - 809 E. Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ open Tuesday 6 AM to 7 PM

I'm at work, not near my home. Where can I vote? Click Here

Problems? Call Maricopa County Recorder's Office, Elections Dept.: 602-506-1511  
Click Here for questions about how to vote.

Please do not wait until Nov. 5!



Stacey Travers for AZ House of Representatives

A photo of a pin with the words vote.

Why vote early?

Help your candidates win, and help all our volunteers: Return it fast!  

Where is my ballot?

Click here for the status on your mail-in ballot.

Was my ballot counted?

After you mail your ballot, click here to see if it was counted!  

When you vote by mail, you will be able to see that your vote was counted.

Stop the robo-calls!

TIP:  You can Stop the robo-calls and mail from candidates by voting early.  After you vote, campaigns take you off their lists of voters to contact .  

General Election Day

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024


Polls will be open from 6am to 7pm on Nov. 5th.

Find your polling place in Maricopa County, AZ.

For Mail-In Ballots:

1-  Mail it by Wednesday, October 28, 2024.  

It must be received by the County Recorder's office by Nov. 1st. Verify your ballot has been received.

2- After October 28th...

Take it to any polling place in Maricopa County. You do not have to stand in a line. You just go to the front of the line and put your ballot in the box for mail-in ballots.


We can only win this with help and the dedication to change from people like you. Would you consider, at this time, a donation to Stacey's campaign?

*Maximum donation is $5,300